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Allah says in the Holy Quran what means " "Soon will We show them Our Signs in the (furthest) regions (of the earth), and in their own souls, until it becomes manifest to them that this is the Truth. Is it not enough that thy Lord doth witness all things? "


Sunday, December 30, 2007

30 - Cold and Hot

If you ask someone to tell the first thing that comes into his mind when he hears the word “cold”, his answer will usually be “hot”. One of these two opposites, “hot” (hare) is mentioned 4 times with all its derivatives while; the word “cold” (berd) is also mentioned 4 times. Below, two verses are given as an example;

81- …and clothes for protection against the hot.
16. The Honey-Bees, 81

69- We said “O fire, be cold and safe for Abraham.”
21. The Prophets, 69

The word Number of occurrence
Hot 4
Cold 4

29 - Hope and Fear

The Quran mentions that “hope” (raghben) and “fear” (reheben) should co exist in praying ritual. Keeping these two conflicting feelings in balance will save us from despair, on one hand and from being spoiled and arrogant on the other. These two words, used in conjunction and present two divergent feelings, are mentioned 8 times each, in the Quran. Below is an example;

90- ...These were men who vied in good deeds with one another, and prayed to Us with hope and fear…
21. The Prophets, 90

The word Number of occurrence
Hope 8
Fear 8

28 - Righteousness and Reward

The word “birr”, which means righteousness and all its derivatives, are mentioned 20 times the Quran. God informs us that we shall reap what we have sown in the next world. None of our good deeds will be left unrewarded. All the derivatives of the word “reward” (sewab) good deeds are used in equal numbers, i.e. 20 times. Below are two verses in which these words are used;

2- …but help one another in righteousness and piety…
5. The Feast, 2

195- …and the best of rewards is with God.
3. The Family of Imran 195

The word Number of occurrence
Righteousness 20
Reward 20

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

27 - Mercy, Merciful and Gracious

We saw that the word in the form of “mercy” (rahmet) derived from the stem of “RHM” is used in 13 verses together with word “guide” (hüda) in the previous chapter and that they are mentioned 79 times each. All the derivatives of “mercy” (rahmet) are mentioned 114 times (Rahmet 79 times, rahmetike 3 times, rahmetina 5 times, rahmetini 25 times, rahmeti 2 times) The name; “rahim” of God also comes from the same stem, RHM, and is used exactly half the times these words are mentioned, viz. 57 times. The mathematical miraculous use of these words performs more detailed miracles on the miracle of 19 in the Quran (They are investigated in details way in chapters on 19.)

1- It is a guide and mercy for the believers.
1. The Prologue, 1

The word Number of occurrence
Mercy 114(57X2)
Merciful 114(57X2)
Gracious 57

26 - Mercy and Guidance

In the Quran, the words “mercy” (rahmet) and “guide” (hüda) are used together in 13 verses. Actually only this is enough to show the relation between these words. God’s guidance of mankind is the biggest mercy for them. These two words are used in the Quran 79 times each in the same format. The words “Rahman (Gracious), “Rahim” (Merciful) and other derivatives which come from the same stem of the word “rahmet”, are all used in a way that they all form a mathematical miracle. We shall examine the in the next chapter and in the section 19. Below is an example of a verse where the words “mercy” and “guide” are used together.

77- It is a guide and mercy for the believers.
27. The Ant, 77

The word Number of occurrence
Mercy 79
Guide 79

25 - Say and They Said

Many sentences in the Quran are in the form of reported speech using the formula “they said” (Qalu) and yet many orders are expressed by another formula “say” (Qul). These two words which have very clear relationships are used many times in the Quran; 332 times each. The total number of the use of these two words is 664. This number is so big that it is even bigger than the words used in the last 15 suras of the Quran. Mathematical miracle of the Quran has surrounded it in a unique way. The Quran itself is a total miracle, such a miracle that it is easy to understand and impossible to imitate.

The word Number of occurrence
Say 332
They said 332

24 - Language and Advice

In order to have someone do something, people use different methods like rewarding, punishment or advising. In rewarding, there is something pleasant and in punishment there is something unpleasant. In the process of advising language is used as a tool. The difference between advice and rewarding and punishment is; advising is done only by using the language as a tool where as many other tools can be used for the other two methods. These two connected words, “language” (lisan) and “advice” (mevize) are used in equal numbers, 25 times each. Two examples are given below from the Quran;

22- Among His signs are the creation of the heavens and earth, and the variations in your languages and your colors. Surely there are signs in these for those who understand.
30. The Romans, 22

63- God is fully aware of their inner most intentions. So do not care them, advice them, and speak to them eloquent words that would their souls.
4. Women, 63

The word Number of occurrence
Language 25
Advice 25

23 - Sorcery and Temptation

From the Quran, we learn that sorcery is a temptation. It is in the same verse that these two words are used for the first time. (The Cow, 102) In this verse, the relationship between these words is clear. These words and their derivatives are used 60 times each. The verse in which they are used for the first time as follows:

102- …Solomon, however was not a disbeliever, while the devils were disbelievers. Thus, they taught the people sorcery that was sent down through the two angels of Babel, Harut and Marut, who however never taught it without saying: ”We are only a temptation. Be not then a disbeliever”…
2. The Cow, 102

The word Number of occurrence
Sorcery 60
Temptation 60

22 - Satan and Seek Refuge

In the Quran, we are told that Satan is the enemy of mankind. Muslims should seek refuge in God in order to be protected from the evil of Satan. The relationship between these two words is crystal clear for the people who know the Quran. These two words are used in equal numbers i.e., 11 times each. Examples are given below;

50- …they fell prostrate, except Satan. He was one of the jinns and rebelled against His Lord’s command…
18. The Cave, 5

1- Say “I seek refuge in the Lord of the Prophet.”
114. People, 1

The word Number of occurrence
Satan 11
Seek refuge 11

21 - Openly and Publicly

The words “openly” and “publicly”, have close meanings. The successive use of these words, in the sura Noah, 8th and 9th verses, points to the relation of these words. These two related words are used 16 times each in the Quran. The verses these words are used in succession are given below:

8- Then I called them openly.
9- Then I invited them publicly and in private.
71. Noah, 8, 9

The word Number of occurrence
Openly 16
Publicy 16